Best NFT Drops – Top List

You can also follow NFT artists on social media. There are many NFT calendars online that you can view for new NFTs. We have also created a list of top best nft drops that you should be on the lookout for:

  1. Lucky Block NFTs

Lucky Block’s crypto lottery project dropped a selection of NFTs, the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club, on March 19, 2022. 

Lucky Block’s native currency BLOCK soared almost 70x from its initial trading day on January 26, 2022, on Pancakeswap to its current peak. After the February crypto market correction, it is now around 25x.


Generative Nature Synthetic Species (GNSS)

GNSS is a true Lucid art. Although pfp images have become synonymous with NFTs and GNSS, it is an alternative to traditional pixel heads. Although the project is well-known and has gained momentum, one thing makes it stand out. Follow RTFKT studios on Twitter.

RTFKT was the same company that recently signed a deal with Nike. MG XS is the creator of GNSS, a scientist at RTFKT Studios.

GNSS has many 3D characters that have been created with great precision. This artwork is more than a simple pixel head. The idea behind GNSS remains the same, but the art used in this project is different from what we saw in 2021.


The artist has big plans for GNSS’ future; it is obvious. Although it sounds ambitious, it may not be surprising if GNSS succeeds and is eventually bound by a Nike deal.

Invisible Friends


Invisible Friends is one project that everyone wants to be allowed. The project already has many Invisible Friends and is being considered a huge success because of several factors. Markus Magnusson, the creator of this project, is a versatile artist who has worked for numerous entities such as google doodles or sticker packs for dropbox.

Invisible Friends is one of the most exciting new NFT projects in space. Random Character Collective already has two successful projects under its wing.

With almost 70K Twitter followers, the community is large. Although the release date has yet to be determined, it is believed to be February. Pre-sales were 100% sold and are now open for public minting. Its refreshing, clean artwork that is different from regular pop NFTs may appeal to its audience and help it grow in popularity. 

Invisible Friends could soon be on the top of the NFTs lists thanks to the celebrity and content creators who have been involved in the publicity.